iCoach LEAP

Improvement is a predictable process.

The iCoach LEAP™ app will guide you through our unique ReMind™ solution, helping you reduce stress and increase your impact in communication for a better life balance and higher productivity. ReMind™ works in three easy steps that are rooted in scientific research and adapted for everyday application.


Understand your current state.

Data-driven, objective analysis of your mindset provides you with insights about your energy (How do you use it?), your stressors (7 stress types in 10 intensities) and your impact (How do others perceive you?). All this can be measured in your voice. What it takes to do so? Just slightly more than 15 years of research at two internationally renowned universities and over 12’000 users in some of the world’s largest companies.


Maximize your cognitive power.

Intelligently cope and reduce your stress using a sustainable, continuous stress management process. Either let an artificial intelligence system choose the perfect stress reduction methods for you based on your analysis result. Or directly select your favorite from a vast catalogue. Remember: Stress does not care if you’re on the job or off the job – this will help you deal with all kinds of stress in your life.


Set your mind to perform your best.

Learn how to change your mindset in a natural and authentic way. Practice virtual interactions in the MindsetMatch™ simulator and use the personalized feedback and recommendations to get closer to best practice. How we know what best practice is? We analyzed more than 1.4 million interactions of all kind – presentations, negotiations, sales pitches, coaching sessions… Our best practice benchmarks are the essence of the most successful conversations. It’s not a theoretical benchmark – it’s what has been proven to be the key to success.

The result?

Predictable improvement: reduced stress and increased impact in communication, resulting in a better life balance and higher productivity.

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