Erik Feingold
Founder & Sharecare Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer
23 years of business development experience and 18 years of experience in business leadership. Co-founded, built and sold MediaGold to publicly listed Avanquest Software (AVQ). Built and ran Gold-Gate, a neuro-marketing specialist, focused on emotionalizing brands and products and Europe’s largest Emotional Incentives provider for retail sales. As a specialist in Artificial intelligence and Game Theory, led the development of Decision-Supporting Systems and Behavioral simulators (modeling emotional intelligence as part of the human decision supporting process) for governmental organizations. Passionate scholar of behavioral science with a focus on Forensic Psychology Research.


Moshe Gabay
Co-CEO Feingold Technologies / EVP B2C Technology Sharecare
Leads the development of the core technology and related products. Managed globally distributed software development teams for several software companies including Gold-Gate, SOS Solution Ltd, DVO Entertainment. Experience in merging business needs with technology solutions. Implemented agile SW development methods, delivering and supporting software infrastructure and client-side systems.


Isabel Fröhlich-Lückstädt
CFO – Head of Finance
Contributes with a profound background as financial controller of international subsidiaries in a multi-national manufacturing company. Acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience in M&A transactions, accompanied by a Master degree of International Business Law at HSG, St. Gallen / Switzerland. Managed several private equity startups and mid-sized companies in various industries for more than 6 years as interim manager and in-house consultant.


Alina Feingold
Co-CEO Feingold Technologies
Co-managed the implementation of Assessment, Talent Development and Reorganization programs with more than 1,000 participants in large government organizations. Operations and finance executive with focus on profitability and positive cash flow providing consistent financial and operative guidance over the years. Co-founded Gold-Gate and headed Gold-Gate’s customer service operation, servicing 50–75,000 customers p.a. Accomplished facilitator, servicing companies like Marriott Fulfillment Services, Media Gold, Avanquest, Kennes-Events. Proven ability to automate financial and operational activity to increased efficiency, enabling targeted growth for the company.