We build on years of research and real-life experience to create human-like technologies that are easy to use, yet powerful enough to change people’s lives. We are at the forefront of technologies in our field, and our commitment to innovation will keep us there.

We believe in:

  • helping people achieve their personal and professional potential

  • the growth mindset and its utmost importance in realizing your ambitions

  • developing human-like technology that helps you understand yourself better, with empathy and without judgment
By combining these aims, we create technology that transforms your mobile device so it’s no longer just another gadget, but instead becomes your empathetic, private and objective companion.

Creating the magic that will power the devices of the future

Since 2010, Feingold has been setting the standard for technologies that analyze and understand human mindsets and behaviors.

Today’s critically acclaimed products are the evolution of over a decade of research, prototyping, studying, experimenting and collecting valuable customer feedback, making us the leading provider of technology that enhances personal potential and productivity.

We focus on helping people maximize personal and business performance even in demanding and challenging situations, while providing our partners and employees with an environment where innovation, operational excellence and usability come as standard.

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