Your success depends on them.

Behavioral studies have proven that every decision you make is based on your emotions, and your mindset is the battery that powers and drives your behavior. It shapes your attitude, your willpower, your persistence and how other people see you.

Achieve more with human-like technologies.

Stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and low energy can easily stop you achieving your personal or business goals. Revolutionary technologies, packed into mobile apps, can now help you maintain the correct mindset so you are better able to:

  • Handle stress 
  • Beat anxiety 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Boost energy

 How does it work?

It’s simple, your smart devices can now understand how you feel and will help you as a good friend would.

The technology: Step 1

Start interacting with your smart device using voice or text.

The technology: Step 2

Your mindset and emotional state is recognized and understood.

The technology: Step 3

Receive personalized, empathetic and compassionate feedback.

In every app it’s applied to.

No matter what the application, the result is always the same. Simply extraordinary for everyday life and a complete game-changer for business.

iCoach LEAP
A true success story.

Since it’s launch in 2010, iCoach has been one of the most successful relationship productivity applications for businesses, powered by our human-like technology. Independent studies by MSD and Accenture show that management and employees that use the app regularly can increase productivity by as much as 7 – 8% in six to nine months.

Who is using it?

Some of the world’s most successful companies are using our human-like technologies to improve the productivity and the relationships of their management, sales and service professionals. Here is what they are saying:

… My team and I were so impressed, … we decided to expand the use to another 200 middle-management employees and implement it across 1,300 contact-center team members.Eckhard Schlingmann
(Head of Customer Service)
Deutsche Post AG

We explored numerous technologies with our clients … The Feingold Technologies LEAP platform proved to have a strong ROI … account managers were able to increase the vertical sales (avg. 7% – 8%).Norbert Büning
(Executive Partner – Management Consulting)
Accenture AG

A selection of our business customers

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Ready to start maximizing your potential?

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